Monday, December 10, 2007

Reader submission: Ah yes the cheese in the mousetrap!

This is the photo-spot where you would find the Britney/ Ex-Britney/Kevin crowd. Taking pictures at this cart is just like fishing at a fish farm. Sure you can get a lot of pictures of people eating monster freako "turkey" legs but where is the fun in that? The trick is to find someone on the opposite end of the part eating one. To be honest I have never seen a person eating a turkey leg more than 500 yards from this cart.

Next time you are in the park please call them out on the glaring mistake on this "menu". Assorted means you get several different kinds... right?
I have to say their description of a LARGE bag of chips is not correct either. I've seen larger. I'd call that a small bag... like the kind you get a Subway with your Turkey club..

Thank you to my loyal reader who's submissions are always right on target.

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