Monday, August 20, 2007

Welcome to Monsanto's Bauhaus of the future.

To be quite honest I saw more smiles from goth kids than any Butterhorn.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Theres a bat in my house. Theres a bat in my house. Someone go get my stick.

Today is Bat's Day in the park. This is the one day all the goth and emo kids get together in the park. Its the hottest day of the year and they choose to dress in black.

Here are some pictures from that fine trip. Bats and Butterhorns together in one park. WHOOO HOOOO!

I have to give props to Noah Korda for pulling the event together. There was a time Disneyland would not let you in if your hair was an unnatural color or you wore ripped clothing or even a simple leather jacket. When I was a teen I, along with friends, were denied access to the park simply by the way we looked. Disney has come a long way. Thanks Noah for keeping Disney's collective robotic mind as open as it can be.

And thanks Disneyland for always allowing Butterhorns to roam free. I dont recall Disneyland ever turning a Butterhorn away because of the way THEY look.