Sunday, December 09, 2007

Costume day.

Today was a very special day for TMB. For some odd reason people in the park wanted to play dress-up.

Here was a lovely Tweedle-something chatting on its phone. No doubt calling the other Tweedle to find out where to meet up for a quick bite.

Next up is a heard of Heffalumps storming the castle.

Finally I caught up with Auntie Uncle-Sam outside of Splash Mountain. A fine outfit indeed. This ensamble screams "IMANAMERICANDAMNIT!" No need to search her at the gate. There is no way she(?) could be a terrorist. I wanted to give her a free plane ticket to anywhere outside the U.S. but only if she traveled in that outfit. Have a camera crew follow her around. It could be a nice stop-gap show during the writers strike.


Zee said...

Which one turns you on the most?

Gavin Elster said...