Tuesday, October 17, 2006

They just take up too much space

Disney has caught on!

The Walt Disney Co. will begin serving more nutritionally balanced meals at its domestic theme parks and will sign movie and other endorsement deals only with restaurants that limit fat and sugar in menu items, the company said Monday.

Trans fats will be eliminated from meals at domestic parks by the end of next year, and will not be included in licensed and promotional products by 2008, Disney said.
Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger said the move came in response to comments from parents about the eating habits of their children.
The company was "well aware of the huge responsibility we have, given our reach and our ability to impact people's behavior and opinions," Iger told The Associated Press from Singapore, where he was on business.
Given the increased attention to healthier eating, "it was the right thing to do," he said.
Disney said it would implement the new guidelines over the next several years as current contracts expire.

Iger said the company also sees a business opportunity in promoting and licensing healthier products, ranging from breakfast cereals to the children's meals it serves at its 11 worldwide theme parks.
The entertainment giant currently licenses characters to Indianapolis-based produce distributor Imagination Farms LLC to provide fruits and vegetables for the Disney Garden brand.
Other large consumer products companies also are pushing healthier eating.
McDonald's Corp. has been adding more salads and fruit to its menus, while Wendy's International Inc. recently said it would switch to cooking french fries and breaded chicken items with non-hydrogenated oil.
Last month, theFederal Communications announced plans to study links between the ads that appear on kids TV shows and the rise of childhood obesity.
A number of entertainment companies have come under fire for maintaining marketing deals with fast food chains and junk food makers.
Last year, Disney and McDonald's ended an exclusive 10-year deal to promote animated films using Happy Meals. The move coincided with a growing national interest in healthier eating for kids — although both companies said the decision had more to do with a desire to work with other promotional partners.
Disney said it worked with physicians to develop the new food guidelines that:
• Place a cap on total calories, which will result in smaller portions for children.
• Limit fat to a maximum of 30 percent of calories for entrees and side dishes, and 35 percent for snacks.
• Cap saturated fat at 10 percent of calories for main dishes, side dishes and snacks.
• Limit sugar to 10 percent of calories for main dishes and side dishes, and 25 percent of calories for snacks.
The company will keep licensing sweets for special occasions, such as birthday cakes and holiday candies, but will limit the number of "indulgence" items in its total food portfolio to 15 percent by 2010.
Starting this month, kid's meals at Disney's domestic parks are being served with low-fat milk, 100 percent fruit juice, or water, along with side dishes such as apple sauce or carrots in place of french fries and soft drinks.
Parents can still request soda or fries at no additional cost.

So ya see... Even Disney knows there is a problem with this "Big-Boned" Crowd.

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Ya'll have a book.

Yes Virginia, its a book to help "large" people cope with their trip to a Disney park. Click the title of this post to be taken to the site.

Alice and the rabbit hole. Down , down ,down...

I'm outraged... I must look some more!

This page is a look at the" happiest place on earth."
I'm tired of seeing photos of the park that don't show large people. People of size are rarely seen in commercials for the park. They are ignored just as the crying kids and and the yelling abusive parents that make up the parks daily guestlist. This is a reality. Large people are in the park and these are picures of them. If you want to make your own blog of selective images from the park that don't show larger guests than you are free to do so.

You cannot avoid the fact that many overweight people go to the magic kingdom. It’s a fact. These pictures are here to prove a point to a certain small group of friends. The blog is the best forum for this type of communication. I don’t “HATE” overweight people. I myself am overweight.

I am just pointing out a fact. If you have some sort of moral hang-up about these pictures then move on to another site and do not return. If you want to turn a blind eye to them than that is your choice.

A little bit about me.
I dislike people who need to bring religion into everything they do. They can't explain what they see so it must be ungodly.

Chill out freakos!

I am happy people are able to express their opinion on this page. Just remember if your comment is not praise I will most likely tease ya right back.

If you love Jesus this is not the place for you.
Jesus lives in the pointy house on the corner and welcomes you in once a week. Funny its on Sunday, usually... That’s the lords day of rest so don’t expect to see him. Ah but don’t be sad my lil’ friend…

I suggest going to “The Magic Kingdom” to cheer yourself up. Buy an ice cream and enjoy the day.

Remember... self control is what a good Christian needs in order to get into heaven (Or so I have heard from TWO priests I have slept with)

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