Monday, May 14, 2007

We were promised a table with a view. You ruined our trip!The whole day... SCREWED!

I can't think of a more pathetic ride than this one. A long time ago Disney used to hire only the hottest girls to work on this ride. This used to be the ride where a sexy hot chick would tell you crap about little fairy tale houses. You wouldn't give a crap about what she was saying because she was so hot. In the 80's this is also where they put the obviously gay guys too. Go figure.
Its much different now. Look at that lil punk kid forced to ride this thing. He is way too old for it and is bound to get one of that chicks hooves in his head at least once during the ride. The storyteller chick is wearing pants Ernest Borgnine wouldn't wear and they seem to have run out of her size. Good job at making the women on this ride completely unappealng. Those pants look too tight for her gut and that "roid pillow shes on just seals the deal.
Shes' a Butterhorn.

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