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Ya'll have a book.

Yes Virginia, its a book to help "large" people cope with their trip to a Disney park. Click the title of this post to be taken to the site.

Alice and the rabbit hole. Down , down ,down...

I'm outraged... I must look some more!

This page is a look at the" happiest place on earth."
I'm tired of seeing photos of the park that don't show large people. People of size are rarely seen in commercials for the park. They are ignored just as the crying kids and and the yelling abusive parents that make up the parks daily guestlist. This is a reality. Large people are in the park and these are picures of them. If you want to make your own blog of selective images from the park that don't show larger guests than you are free to do so.

You cannot avoid the fact that many overweight people go to the magic kingdom. It’s a fact. These pictures are here to prove a point to a certain small group of friends. The blog is the best forum for this type of communication. I don’t “HATE” overweight people. I myself am overweight.

I am just pointing out a fact. If you have some sort of moral hang-up about these pictures then move on to another site and do not return. If you want to turn a blind eye to them than that is your choice.

A little bit about me.
I dislike people who need to bring religion into everything they do. They can't explain what they see so it must be ungodly.

Chill out freakos!

I am happy people are able to express their opinion on this page. Just remember if your comment is not praise I will most likely tease ya right back.

If you love Jesus this is not the place for you.
Jesus lives in the pointy house on the corner and welcomes you in once a week. Funny its on Sunday, usually... That’s the lords day of rest so don’t expect to see him. Ah but don’t be sad my lil’ friend…

I suggest going to “The Magic Kingdom” to cheer yourself up. Buy an ice cream and enjoy the day.

Remember... self control is what a good Christian needs in order to get into heaven (Or so I have heard from TWO priests I have slept with)

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