Saturday, March 31, 2007

Monte Cristo Butterhorn #1

This young man (who I have dubbed MONTE CRISTO) had friends right next to me "whooo hoo'ing" at him.
It was 80 degrees and about noon that April day 2006.
The picture with his arms down was the sole reason I created the Majestic Butterhorn. He looked so unhappy hot and sad. Come to think of it a lot of people at Disneyland look that way. His picture has made the rounds at Disney Studios with the caption "THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH"

Friday, March 30, 2007

Stop the presses! This just in.

A daily reader of the BH just e-mailed me these photos from his/her trip to the Magic Kingdom.
Outstanding horn-spotting!

Milted malk ball Butterhorn #2

I just like this guys style. He's like Sydney Greenstreet with Alan Arkin's sense of fashion. He's got that kinda face that if he were wearing lipstick you'd have to call him M'am.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Queen Butterhorn #3

This was just outside of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride. The robotic one with the wheels came tooling up complaining how tough it was to meet her friend at that spot. I guess next time she'll spend the two dollars more and rent a jet-pack.
Let me make this clear...
She was complaining that it was too much effort for her to wheel around on an electric litter! Oh I'm too exhausted from sitting and fiddling a button that makes my carted ass move.

She is Queen Butterhorn.

This was her "I'm exhausted I need some Sprite but too tired and cant lift my arm... can you do it for me?" face.

Artoo Butterhorn #4

Between Tomorrowland and Fantasylad there is a very boring area next to the Finding Nemo Lagoon.
Nothing happens here.
No rides, nothing to look at but a construction wall or a food court.
Its easy to spot butterhorns here. I have since dubbed this area "BUTTERHORN ALLEY."
This little droid must have been part of a convoy and got lost or something. It was cooling itself with a yummie chocolate covered ice cream bar while trying to motor back to its owner. It was odd to see a droid this far away from its owner. These wheeled Butterhorns usually have a child or bitter adult to help them. Usually the help is navigating the crowd or fetching food or holding their many bags of crap they NEED to bring to a friggin amusement park.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Sorcerers Butterhorn #5

When I took this picture I had no idea it would contain the hot hot hot number 5 Butterhorn.

Why kiddies? Why buy that hat? Where else can you wear that damn hat aside from the park? YOU CANT! I'm convinced that hat will become a bong cover or tossed into a ferret cage for the little weasel to snuggle up to.
I was slightly taken by her friend.
Come on...
Ya know your are going to be walking around the park on a hot day and those boots were the most comfortable things you could put on?
Hell no!
She put them on 'cause they look good.
In fact she put that whole outfit on because she looks good!

Hot hot hot is what these two chicks are.

Mr Mutli-belted Butterhorn #6

This one was spotted in Disney's California waste-of-a-good-parking-lot-poor-ass-excuse-for-an-amusement-park.

He is clearly a living INSPECTOR GADGET. From his many go-go gadget utility belts to his voice activated spring shoes he is a Butterhorn on a mission.
He was watching some little kids whom I assumed were his grandchildren.
I may have been very very wrong in that assumption.

Little Red Butterhorn #7

Her picnic basket long gone, lost in the world of tommorrow she knows not to ask wolfy strangers for directions.

Mickey's lil princess Butterhorn #8

After a hot day in Tomorrowland its nice to cool off with a cherry coke from mainstreet. On the way to mainstreet we passed this poor overheated woman. She was lagging way behind her husband/friend. Gasping for air and caught up in this fishing net of camera and bag straps she was yelling to her friend to slow down because of the heat. She had also mentioned in passing there is a McDonalds by Splash Mountain.
I giggled.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sheena Queen of the Jungle Cruise Butterhorn #9

One tough wall o' woman. I caught my first glimpse of her just outside the Bengal BBQ and didn't get a chance to snap a picture from the front. Later she was storming thru Fantasyland just past the Matterhorn. It was like snapping a picture of Bigfoot. Her presence was known. She is one tough MF. She could pound me into the pavement. I have great respect for her.

Majestic Bungalows

These folks were waiting on line to get a turkey leg in fantasyland. It was the hat that attracted me. While I wanted to include them in the top ten I have a feeling they will be the starting line-up on a spin-off blog.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Lil lord Hamhocks Butterhorn #10

This young man must have been 4'11" tall. He was waiting in line for space mountain with his grandfather. His grandfather looked at least ninety years old. He reminded me of Albert Fish "The Grey Man". Fish was a child murderer of epic proportions. So this little ham and his baby eating grandpop never got to ride space mountain. It broke down and the hour that they waited was in vain.

Butterhorn's top ten.

I figure a countdown is in order.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Best of the Majestic Butterhorn

Hiya kiddies. April is fast approaching and you know what that means...
The Majestic Butterhorn will be one year old!
In honor of the one year anniversary there will be a very special post of The Best of the Butterhorn. A look back at some of the highlights from last year.
Be sure check back and see who makes the cut.

If you have butterhorn pictures of your own you'd like to see posted here please feel free to e-mail them and I'll put them up with wreckless abandon.

Do they serve catfish here? I dunno... Why? Can't you smell? I guess they do.

Mmm smell that? Yeah? what is it.. it smells good.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Look Cotton Candy!

Oh Frozen Lemonade!


The demand to waste is on every trash can in the park.
Please waste. Waste please.