Thursday, March 29, 2007

Artoo Butterhorn #4

Between Tomorrowland and Fantasylad there is a very boring area next to the Finding Nemo Lagoon.
Nothing happens here.
No rides, nothing to look at but a construction wall or a food court.
Its easy to spot butterhorns here. I have since dubbed this area "BUTTERHORN ALLEY."
This little droid must have been part of a convoy and got lost or something. It was cooling itself with a yummie chocolate covered ice cream bar while trying to motor back to its owner. It was odd to see a droid this far away from its owner. These wheeled Butterhorns usually have a child or bitter adult to help them. Usually the help is navigating the crowd or fetching food or holding their many bags of crap they NEED to bring to a friggin amusement park.

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